Treasurer's Office

Marie Curell, Township Treasurer

Statutory Duties and Responsibilities of the Township Treasurer:

  • Collects real and personal property taxes
  • Keeps an account of township receipts (revenues) and expenditures
  • Disburses township checks
  • Deposits township revenues in approved depositories
  • Invests township funds in approved investment vehicles
  • Responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting delinquent personal property tax
  • Collects mobile home specific tax
  • Must appoint a deputy
  • Must post a surety bond


  • Summer tax bills are issued on July 1st and are payable to your Township Treasurer through September 14th. The township holds the taxes from September 15th through February 28th with interest.

    Winter Tax bills are issued on December 1st and are payable to your Township Treasurer through February 14th. The township holds the taxes from February 15th through February 28th with penalties.

    If you have not paid your taxes within those times, all Township Treasurers turn their delinquent properties over to the County Treasurer on March 1st, in which fees and penalties will be added to every delinquent bill - - with no exceptions. The County Treasurer accepts partial payments on all delinquent taxes.